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Theoretical and experimental research performed on the. Instead of using windpowered blades to rotate a shaft and generator, the teslainspired design consists of. Numerical calculations of flow in several tesla turbine models were performed for a range of design parameters. The basis of the theory is the navierstokes equations simplified by a systematic order of magnitude analysis. This document summarizes the development of an integral perturbation solution of the equations governing momentum transport in microchannels between disks of multipledisk drag turbines such as the tesla turbine. Design and computational analysis of 1 kw tesla turbine ijsrp. It is referred to as a bladeless turbine because it uses the boundary layer effect and not a fluid impinging upon the blades as in a conventional turbine. The paper presents an analysis of a tesla bladeless turbine for a cogenerating micropower plant of heat capacity 20kw, which operates in an organic rankine cycle with a lowboiling medium.

A revised tesla turbine concept for orc applications. A preliminary design of a tesla turbine for pico hydro applications has been undertaken employing rices analytical method. This weak friction does not create very high torque, which makes a tesla turbine useless for any application that requires that high torque such as power generation. The top half of casings is removed, showing two rotors. Output powercalculations on tesla turbine physics forums. Solaraero recently unveiled a new bladeless wind turbine that offers several advantages over current wind turbines it emits hardly any noise in operation, has few moving parts, and since it. The pros and cons of tesla turbines are discussed in this article, as are those of the tesla pump. In this theoretical design of tesla turbine is a non conventional bladeless turbine it works on the principle of viscous boundary layer. Theory and performance of tesla turbines by vincent domenic romanin doctor of philosophy in engineering mechanical engineering university of california, berkeley professor van p. Its working principle is the combination of the principles of both these type of turbines i. We report on the scaling properties and loss mechanisms of tesla turbines and provide design. Barriers to tesla turbine commercialization howstuffworks. The results show that the theoretical limit of the isentropic efficiency is.

Here tesla principle can be used in the expander turbine and the pump. Tesla turbine design and the theory of operation of an. The tesla turbine is an original expander working on the principle of torque transmission by wall shear stress. Design and computational analysis of 1 kw tesla turbine. This analysis allows a parametric study of turbine. Exploratory calculations with the model indicate that turbine efficiencies exceeding 75% can be achieved by designing for optimal ranges of the governing dimensionless parameters. A collection of older materials on teslas disc turbine. A boy watches a radiocontrolled boat in the town of smiljan, croatia, nikola teslas hometown. The theory of operation of a tesla turbine relies on boundary layer effects, which makes for good efficiency for the tesla turbine. In addition, most scientific sources refer on the tesla turbine as a pump and not as a turbine and so the information is only partially usable.

To sum up, for designing a multichannel tesla turbine, the disc spacing. The same parametric trends in performance are compared to test data for a microscale tesla turbine with water as a working fluid. From the construction of the turbo jet engine to the flight just one step duration. The tesla turbine testing plant at the edison waterside station, new york. After the experiment the tesla turbine will be used as an educational instrument. All major turbine components are shown and the actual rotorhousing clearance given. Read online design and computational analysis of 1 kw tesla turbine book pdf free download link book now.

Pdf design and fabrication of cmscale tesla turbines. I seek to design a turbine that will increase current tesla turbine efficiencies to reach those predicted by tesla himself. The theoretical stall torque models were then applied to the new tesla turbine design. Design and fabrication of cmscale tesla turbines by vedavalli gomatam krishnan doctor of philosophy in electrical engineering and computer science university of california, berkeley professor michel martin maharbiz, chair this dissertation discusses the design and scaling characteristics of tesla or socalled. Teslas design of turbines is the topic of this seminar. The investigation yielded a design capable of generating 300 w under conditions of 20 m head and 2. In 19 nikola tesla patented a turbine without blades, that uses.

An innovative model for the solution of the rotor flow field was developed. Theory and performance of tesla turbines by vincent domenic romanin doctor of philosophy in engineering mechanical engineering. P, the design of a test rig and study of the performance and efficiency of a tesla disc turbine, proceedings of the institution of mechanical engineers. Pdf this dissertation discusses the design and scaling. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so dont worry about it. A major obstacle to the further development of the tesla turbine is not only the fact that there has been apparently little research, but also that much of the information does not get to the public. Design and optimization of a tesla turbine for orc. Tesla turbine boundary layer sheartorque bladeless test rig.

Topics tesla turbine, nikola tesla, compressed air. Tesla turbine torque modeling for construction of a dynamometer and turbine. It introduces the operating principle of the tesla turbine, which was invented by engineer nikola tesla, a turbine. Is our issue of november 10, 1911, we gave n short account. It had no blades or buckets but only smooth disk closely spaced on the rotor shaft. The same principle powers his famous turbine engine. Industrial tesla turbines may be used in hybrid cars or in commercial applications. As i dont want a efficiency result that depends on a generator ive decided to mount a flywheel. A novel methodology for the complete design of a tesla turbine was proposed and assessed. Construction and designing the basic design of the new turbine is similar to the conventional tesla turbine with some. Each component was designed taking into account the mutual relationships between the different parts of the machine. As can be seen in figure 4, there is nothing complicated about the way a tesla turbine works. Keywords tesla turbine, turbine efficiency, power, torque, analytical theory, threedimensional flowfield date received. This, more than anything, prevented the tesla turbine from becoming more widely used.

The steam enters at the periphery, and flows in spiral paths to exhaust at the center of the disks. In the present article, a mathematical theory for the flow field within a tesla disc turbine has been formulated in the appropriate cylindrical coordinate system. This paper offers a fundamental ideal to design household green energy generator based on the concept of tesla turbine. Pdf design and analysis of prototype tesla turbine for. Even raising efficiencies to be higher than current. The design of a 1 kw tesla turbine was carried using iterative process for head and. D department of mechanical engineering, sveris college of engineering, pandharpur, solapur, india email.

Rices 2 analysis was among the first, and claims that turbines can be made up to 90% efficient. The tesla turbine is a bladeless centripetal flow turbine patented by nikola tesla in 19. Be it known that i, n ikola t esla, a citizen of the united states, residing at new york, in the county and state of new york, have invented certain new and useful improvements in rotary engines and turbines, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description in the practical application of mechanical power, based on the use of fluids as the vehicle of. The turbine design and generator mount allows for possibility of changing the generator or connecting to something else.

Figure 4 schematic of fluid flow through the tesla turbine. Infact, nikolateslaalsoconceived amoreadvancedtypeof coil, the magnifying transmitter, which is made of three coils instead of two and which operates in a slightly morecomplicatedmanor. Design analysis of tesla microturbine operating on a lowboiling. The principle demonstrated for air expanders at lab scale has some attractive features when applied to orc expanders. Design and analysis of prototype tesla turbine for power generation applications. Study and design of bladeless tesla turbine research india. Ultraefficient bladeless wind turbine inspired by nikolai. We are talking about water turbine so the materials, of which is the turbine going to made, cannot come under rust. The bladeless wind turbine is completely enclosed in a relatively small compact unit. The design of a 1 kw tesla turbine was carried using iterative process for head and discharge for main dimensions of the turbine. Discs have to be as thin as possible, to preventturbulenceatdiscedges. The turbine is supplied on a aluminium base for display and demonstration purposes connected using two m6 hex cap screws. Study and design of bladeless tesla turbine 883 also be achieved with protuberances which are raised in the plates by blows or pressure.

Nearby is a bladeless waterwheel turbine of teslas design. In operation, a tesla turbine is simply a turbomachine which is reasonably efficient at a fairly high rotational speed, dependent on several factors, including gap between the discs and disc diameter, but not too efficient to get moving. Modern improved and effective design of boundary layer. A tesla turbine has the disadvantage of having to rely on friction interaction between a smooth surface and a fluid. Pdf design and computational analysis of 1 kw tesla turbine. A tesla turbine, by design, uses the frictional force. We will only discuss the conventional tesla coil, consisting of a spark gap and two tank circuits and called spark gap tesla coil sgtc. Calculations figure 1 original sketch of tesla turbine 1 a. Previous work tesla turbine was patented by nikola tesla in 1903. Results of the models show that the vortex model sets the upper bound for theoretical stall torque for the new and the flat plate flow model sets the lower bound. Design and scaling of microscale tesla turbines vedavalli g krishnan1 2vince romanin2 van p carey and michel m maharbiz1 1 eecs, university of california berkeley, ca. Each rotor consists of 25 disks 38inch thick by 18 inch diameter.

Naturally, the performance of tesla turbines has already been characterized by a number of researchers. Around the year 1900 nikola tesla, the inventor of the alternating current motor, developed a different kind of steam turbine. Theory and performance of tesla turbines by vincent domenic. The tesla turbine is also known as the boundarylayer turbine, cohesiontype turbine, and prandtllayer turbine after ludwig prandtl because it uses the boundarylayer effect and not a fluid impinging upon the blades as in a conventional turbine. Design, construction and testing of a tesla turbine. The critical issue of this green energy generator is converting energy store. A schematic of tesla turbine flow theory is shown in figure 4. Tesla turbine torque modeling for construction of a. Im currently working on my school project, for which ive constructed a tesla turbine, and to complete it ill have to make some calculations on the efficiency.

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